About the Planning Board

The Planning Board consists of seven members, one from each township in the County and two members at large, all to be appointed by the Board of Commissioners for three-year terms beginning on the first Monday in December.

The Planning Board has a chairman and a vice-chairman. The term of the officers shall be one year, with eligibility for re-election. The Board keeps records of its members’ attendance and of its resolutions, discussions, findings and recommendations, which shall be a public record. All of its meetings are open to the public. The Chief Building Inspector is assigned as the Secretary to the Planning Board. The staff of the Building Inspections Office will provide clerical and research support as desired by the Planning Board.

The Planning Board Members are:

Skip Lee, Chairman - At Large

Kari Forrest - At Large  

Denard Potter - Township 1

Julie Rahm - Township 2

Maurice Benton - Township 3

Carl Ollison - Township 4

Dr. Vernon Rose - Township 5

Contact Information

Planning Information

Ray Bennett
Subdivision Administrator/CAMA
Email: ray.bennett@pamlicocounty.org
Office: (252)745-3861
Fax: (252) 745-7067
Pamlico County Courthouse
202 Main Street
Bayboro, NC 28515