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Clerk to the Board

The Board of Commissioners as specified by North Carolina General Statutes appoints the Clerk to the Board.

The Clerk is responsible for compiling, preparing, and distributing agendas for all meetings of the Board of Commissioners. She attends meetings of the Board and records an accurate account of its actions in the official minutes of the Board. Her duties also include preserving the legal and historical integrity of County government through the creation and maintenance of the official legal records.

Proper notices under the Open Meetings Law are the responsibility of the Clerk. The Clerk is also responsible for attesting certifiable actions of the Board, including resolutions, contractual agreements, ordinances, and other documents necessary to Board actions and general business of the County.

Pamlico County Clerk to the Board

Tracy Boyd
Clerk to the Board of Commissioners
PO Box 776
Bayboro, NC 28515