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Board of Commissioners

The Pamlico County Board of Commissioners meet regularly on the first and third Monday of each month at 7:00 PM in the Patsy H. Sadler Room on the second floor of the Pamlico County Courthouse.

Mission Statement

Pamlico County is governed by its Board of Commissioners and it functions within the general statutes. The Board of County Commissioners is responsible for oversight of an effective efficient county government.

Pamlico County Board of Commissioners Goals

  1. To create revenues and funds to facilitate the economic development for Pamlico County.
  2. To provide excellent educational opportunities for all citizens and to keep our young people employed and living in our county.
  3. To create a user friendly county government (permitting etc.)
  4. To develop a physical infrastructure that protects and preserves Pamlico County's natural resources while allowing for possible growth.
  5. To create an economic stimulus package that insulates us from the woes of external forces.