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COVID-19 Updates


Pamlico County Health Department is currently scheduling appointments for 1st and 2nd dose vaccinations for citizens who fall into the following categories that were created by the government:

-Citizens in Group 1- Healthcare workers and Long-Term Care Staff and Residents

-Citizens in Group 2- All adults 65+ years of age

-Citizens in Group 3- Frontline/Essential Workers (Must work IN-PERSON at their place of employment) Such as: Critical Manufacturing, Education/Childcare, Essential Goods, Food & Agriculture

-Citizens in Group 4- Currently Qualifying portion: Part 1-anyone 16-64 years old with one or more high-risk medical conditions which put them at risk for severe disease should they contract COVID-19. (This Group is split into 2 parts. Part 2 is eligible for the vaccine on April 7th, 2021.)

Click the following links for a breakdown of each Group. Here you can find further explanations of the Group parameters as well as examples of specific types of jobs that qualify:

-Group 1:

-Group 2:

-Group 3:

-Group 4- Part 1:

-Group 4- Part 2:

If you -or someone you know- qualifies to receive their COVID-19 Vaccine--

Please call our office at: (252) 745-5111 to have the appointment scheduled right away!



PCHD is still conducting Contact Tracing and Testing for the COVID-19 Virus. If you feel that you need to be tested, call our office and we will assist you right away.



Board Meeting Updates

Advisory Board Meetings are scheduled for the 1st Tuesday of every other month ("Even" Months-- Feb, April, June, etc.) Special sessions are called if needed to discuss urgent matters.

All Advisory Board meetings currently take place online via ZOOM at 5:30 pm.

Advanced registration is required to attend. Invitations are sent out in advance, by the Health Director. 

(After registering, a confirmation email will be issued which contains the information needed to join the meeting.)

**Please refer any questions that you may have regarding the log-in process to:


Additional Health Information

Norovirus Information Release

Ebola Public Information Line : 1-800-222-1222 


Contact Information

Melanie Campen
Health Director
Phone: (252) 745-5111
Fax: (252) 249-5900
Office Hours:
8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Monday - Friday
203 North Street
PO Box 306
Bayboro, NC 28515