Notice: Pamlico County Requesting Proposals for
CDBG-NR Application and Administration Services
2nd Notice
Pamlico County North Carolina is seeking professional services for the preparation of and administration of a CDBG application in the Neighborhood Revitalization program offered by the Department of Commerce. The project is anticipated to include housing related activities as developed during the application process. The grant request is anticipated to be for up to $750,000. The project will take place over the next 36 months. Grant administration services will be contingent upon successful award of the grant project. The County is seeking proposals for Application and Program Management services to assist the County in management of this project in compliance with all applicable requirements under the CDBG-NR Program. Copies of the detailed request for proposals, including a description of the services to be provided by respondents, the minimum content of responses, and the factors to be used to evaluate the responses, can be obtained by contacting Timothy A. Buck, County Manager, at (252) 745-3133. A response to the request for proposals should be submitted to the County Manager’s office at 302 Main Street, Bayboro, NC 28515 no later than June 14, 2019 at 12:00 PM. Pamlico County is an Equal Opportunity Employer and invites the submission of proposals from minority and women-owned firms and other historically underutilized businesses. Pamlico County invites the submission of proposals from a certified Section 3 business concerns. (Section 3 applies if the contract is over $100,000 for non-construction contracts). This information is available in Spanish or any other language upon request. Please contact Timothy A. Buck, County Manager at (252) 745-3133 or at 302 Main Street, Bayboro, NC 28515 for accommodations for this request. “Esta información está disponible en español o en cualquier otro idioma bajo petición. Por favor, póngase en contacto con Timothy Buck, County Manager at (252) 745-3133 or at 302 Main Street, Bayboro, NC 28515 de alojamiento para esta solicitud.”

Posted by Courtney N. Friday, May 24, 2019 1:45:00 PM